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Stop powdery mildew on cannabis

Stop Powdery Mildew

You’ve noticed some white spots on your marijuana leaves, and now you’re seeing more severe blisters on more plants. How do you stop the powdery mildew from spreading? How do you save your cannabis crop? Getting rid of powdery mildew is a severely difficult problem to solve. Other than torching your crop, solutions are few. […]

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marijuana mildew prevention

The Best Methods for Marijuana Mildew Prevention

The development of mildew on marijuana plants can cause catastrophic failure of your cannabis production cycle. Powdery mildew and other types of mold may form at any stage in the production process, from nurturing tiny seedlings to drying harvested buds. Engaging in marijuana mildew prevention efforts decreases the risk of your crop becoming spoiled by […]

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prevent botrytis on cannabis

How to Treat Powdery Mildew Without Chemicals

Agricultural producers have turned to chemical fungicides for decades to control the outbreak of fungal plant pathogens. Unfortunately, some evidence suggests that these fungicides may be dangerous for human health. With many cannabis consumers using the product for medical reasons, the demand for organic marijuana is strong. Now, in response to this growing consumer demand, […]

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powdery mildew control

Can Powdery Mildew Control Help Prevent Mildew Spread After Harvest?

Planning for powdery mildew control is a very important step in the growing process. It is vital to make sure the buds and leaves of the thriving cannabis plant stay protected before, during, and after harvest. Experienced growers know that taking the time to prevent a fungus outbreak will protect the plants and making growing […]

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cannabis plant diseases and cures

The Most Common Cannabis Plant Diseases and Cures that Work

Growing cannabis requires a constant focus on balancing the plants’ needs for light, water, and nutrients. With consumers increasingly choosy about the origins and growing environment of marijuana products, producers must keep pace by ensuring the purity of their product. This includes an increased focus on disease prevention, as cannabis fungi or other pathogens could […]

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effects of mold on cannabis

Effects of Mold on Cannabis: 4 Things Medical Marijuana Growers Need to Know

Regulated sales of marijuana in states with legal recreational or medical marijuana represented a $5.7 billion industry in 2015. This is nearly 24% higher than the previous year, illustrating the immense growth potential for the marijuana industry. For cannabis growers, this is a promising sign for future revenue. However, there remain several threats to high […]

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examples of fungal disease

4 Examples of Fungal Diseases and How to Fight Them

Our environment is filled with millions of microorganisms. Many of these are harmless to health, but a minority of them can cause serious problems. Fungal spores, bacteria, and viruses can be deadly to cannabis plants. Understanding the causes of fungal diseases in cannabis plants allows you to take rapid action to fight against them. Following […]

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