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fungal diseases treatment

The Best Fungal Diseases Treatment for Cannabis Plants

With several millions species of fungi around the world, your cannabis plants are under constant threat. Microscopic fungal spores float through the environment, waiting to take hold of a plant. Under the right growing conditions, these spores can lead to mold, root rot, damping off, and other diseases that cripple plants. Thus, it is essential […]

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how to prevent fungal disease

How to Prevent Fungal Disease and Save Your Plants

Cannabis growers have been studying how to prevent fungal disease for years with mixed results. There are almost 100 species of fungals that can infect your crops. The worst is bud rot, but there are several others that pose a major threat. Weeks of growing time and lots of money can be lost in just […]

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fungal disease control on infused products

Why Fungal Disease Control on Infused Products Is Important

Fungal disease control on infused products is a significant concern for today’s marijuana growers. The infused cannabis market is a profitable and rapidly expanding part of the marijuana industry. But this rosy picture is clouded by the presence of fungal disease on the product. This is becoming a huge problem throughout the industry. Control of […]

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Diseases caused by fungi

Cannabis Plant Diseases Caused by Fungi

Like humans, cannabis plants are vulnerable to threats from a variety of microorganisms. While human diseases are typically caused by viruses or bacteria, cannabis diseases most often result from fungi. Fungi are a separate kingdom of organisms characterized by their diffuse networks of branching filaments. This feature allows them to easily spread throughout an environment, […]

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examples of fungal disease

4 Examples of Fungal Diseases and How to Fight Them

Our environment is filled with millions of microorganisms. Many of these are harmless to health, but a minority of them can cause serious problems. Fungal spores, bacteria, and viruses can be deadly to cannabis plants. Understanding the causes of fungal diseases in cannabis plants allows you to take rapid action to fight against them. Following […]

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