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Stop powdery mildew on cannabis

Stop Powdery Mildew

You’ve noticed some white spots on your marijuana leaves, and now you’re seeing more severe blisters on more plants. How do you stop the powdery mildew from spreading? How do you save your cannabis crop? Getting rid of powdery mildew is a severely difficult problem to solve. Other than torching your crop, solutions are few. […]

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Blight in Plants

Common Types of Blight in Plants

Serious cannabis producers monitor their plants’ progress through every stage of the growth cycle, from selecting a strain through preparation for sale. Things can go wrong at every step of the cannabis production pipeline, making it essential to invest in preventative measures whenever possible. One of the most destructive problems affecting cannabis plants is blight. […]

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getting rid of mold

Getting Rid of Mold in Your Indoor Growing Environment

When a cannabis grower sees a small area of mold developing on a plant, it’s time to get serious about fungal treatments. Mold can attack nearly any portion of a cannabis plant, from seedlings to stems to leaves to buds. The most common strains of mold, gray mold and powdery mildew, can seriously affect individual […]

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Effects of Mold Exposure

Effects of Mold Exposure on Cannabis Production

To successfully cultivate medical marijuana, growers must tightly control a range of environmental variables. Many growers rely on fans to circulate air to decrease heat given off by grow light.  This creates limiting exposure to fungi to be of utmost importance. These fans have the unintended consequence of spreading mold spores throughout an indoor cannabis […]

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Cannabis Plant Problems

Solutions to Common Cannabis Plant Problems

Cannabis growers face a number of obstacles, but plant health doesn’t have to be one of them. In an indoor growing environment, disease can spread and wipe out an entire crop in a matter of days. However, understanding the most common cannabis plant problems and how they affect plants will allow you to keep your […]

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Private: What Causes Mold and How to Combat It?

Mold prevention is serious business for cannabis growers. When it comes to plant diseases, cannabis plants are most susceptible to the proliferation of mold. From botrytis cinerea to hemp canker to pink rot, fungi can infiltrate an entire marijuana crop within days. Understanding what causes mold is the first step to taking action to prevent […]

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Fungal Diagnosis Control on Cannabis

Disease Identification and Fungal Diagnosis Control on Cannabis

Fungal diseases are a leading cause of plant death and revenue loss for marijuana growers. The optimal growing conditions for cannabis — moderate temperatures and humidity — also provide excellent opportunities for plant diseases. Learning how to accurately identify common causes of disease is important for growers to enact effective fungal diagnosis control on cannabis […]

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