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Discover the best way to handle powdery mildew at any stage for cannabis plant growth

How to Handle Powdery Mildew at Any Stage

Powdery mildew, at any stage in marijuana growth, is extremely harmful to your plants and profits. As one of the top killers of cannabis plants, a serious fungal blight like powdery mildew can be difficult to stop when it begins to spread. But there are precautions commercial cannabis growers can take to protect their plants […]

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Air Filters for Cannabis Grow Rooms

Air Filters for Cannabis Grow Rooms: Why They Don’t Work

If you’re thinking of installing air filters for your cannabis grow rooms, you may want to stop and consider other options. Air filtration isn’t enough to get the job done. It doesn’t prevent mold spores, bacteria and other undesirable molecules from spreading throughout your grow room. So, what can you do to protect your harvest? […]

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