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Cannabis Grow Room Cleanliness: You’re Doing Surface Sanitation, But What about the Air?

Cannabis Grow Room Sanitation

Cannabis Grow Room SanitationWhen it comes to maintaining an optimum growing environment for your plants, a cannabis grow room sanitation and sterilization plan is in order. Some people think they can get away with only vacuuming and that’s not true. To have a solid system, It’s essential to remove any and all microbial life.

Sanitization vs. Sterilization: Is There a Difference?

In short, yes. Sanitization refers to a thorough cleaning. Sterilization takes things a step further, focusing on the complete eradication of microbes. For example, tidying up spilled dirt, wiping down containers, and washing your hands is sanitation. But wiping down planters, tables and other surfaces with an antimicrobial cleaning solution is sterilization.

Why Sanitization Is Important

When it comes to indoor grow operations, sanitization is of particular importance. In fact, it’s not too dissimilar from why you regularly clean a kitchen. Any spills, excess water, filth and debris all pose risks to the health and well-being of both humans and plants.
Before you dismiss the notion out of hand, think about it carefully. What happens when there are puddles on the floor? The excess moisture can create spikes in humidity, leading to problems with mold and rot. The spores can then spread quickly from plant to plant. Instead of resorting to quarantine and other extreme measures, it’s much easier to sop up the mess and keep your humidity levels at a safe level.
This theory also applies to picking up dead leaves and other debris, both in and around your plants. If left unattended too long, they can become a veritable breeding ground for pests and plant diseases. Also, be sure to deposit old soil, roots, and dead plants in a location far away from your indoor operation to avoid the same problem.
Many gardeners repeatedly struggle with mold and rot, never understanding the link between sanitization and a healthy grow operation. And once pestilence has taken hold, it can be difficult to eradicate. Spores can spread and settle on many surfaces inside your cannabis grow room including lights, bulbs, hardware, etc.

Sterilization: an Ounce of Prevention to Protect Your Cannabis Grow Room

we As we mentioned above, sterilization goes beyond simple cleaning. It eliminates things like mold spores, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Many methods exist for surface sterilization, including heat and chemical cleaning solutions (usually bleach and hydrogen peroxide).
So, should you sterilize everything all the time? Well, not exactly. The chemical residue left behind by bleach and other solutions can be extremely harmful to your plants. You’re not going to want to sterilize them as often as you clean them; most growers focus on it immediately after harvest.
However, you can limit the dangerous spread of mold, viruses, fungi and other airborne undesirables by investing in a quality air sanitation system. These systems work to sterilize the air, removing impurities, and limiting the spread of powdery mildew and other plant diseases.
And the best part? There’s almost no effort for you!

Check Out the AiroClean420 Air Purification Unit

The AiroClean420 cutting-edge mold and fungal management product that can be easily installed into your current facility. It’s a safe alternative to toxic pesticides and other fumigant sprays; it limits cross-contamination risk, and it both treats and prevents mold infestations.

Still not sold? Check this out: it’s a NASA-developed air purification technology, certified to produce no harmful ozone, and to oxidize volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It’s also extremely energy efficient and even qualifies as an FDA-certified medical device!

Ready to Kick Your Sanitization and Sterilization Routine Up a Notch?

If you’re interested in protecting your harvest and improving your yield without lifting a finger, you need the Airoclean420 for exceptional cannabis grow room sanitation. You can check us out online, or feel free to call and chat with one of our sanitation pros: 844-247-3913.

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